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Environmental Policy

Familiar Trees works with the understanding that every choice we make, as businesses and as consumers, impacts others and also the whole. Therefore we see a direct link between every choice, big and small, and our environmental stability.

Our Environmental Policy reflects what’s embedded in the bones of our business: our heartfelt mission to respect the natural resources of our planet.  

You'll see our commitment in every aspect of our business.  From our use of sustainable plywood for the walls and our shelving salvaged from a closing store (goodbye Jim's House of Shoes!), to our recycled and re-used packaging....xxxxx

Unfortunately, the nature of our business does not allow us to be completely plastic-free.  Some of our vintage books need the protection of plastic covers.  We hope to find a sustainably produced version someday but until then to compensate for this, X% of all sales will be paid towards offsetting our carbon footprint....

Our bags, packaging and shipping supplies are recycled and/or sustainably produced.  If we ship something to you in a plastic bubble mailer, or packed with styrofoam peanuts, rest assured that these items are pre-used.  

Our pledge:

To use environmentally preferred materials wherever possible, using materials and resources that come from renewable sources. 

To re-use and recycle materials used for packaging and shipping.

To cut back our resource consumption: materials, paper, water & energy. 

To reduce & compensate for our carbon footprint.

To educate, raise awareness & keep the conversation alive